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July 23, 2017

Tornado Season.

It's 7:44 on Sunday evening and we are once
again under a Tornado Warning. Every July
we watch the skies and hope that the watches
and warnings never turn in to anything big.

Lots of close calls though like this picture
showing a touch down in the Big City next
to us. No damage as it just came down and
went right back up again. Still very scary.

The storm tonight interrupted our Game of
Thrones time, so we had to shut everything 
down and come up to read while it pours rain 
and thunders outside. The moisture is always 
welcome but the noise and the extravagant light 
shows can just go away. I'm really not a fan of this.

Do you get Tornadoes in your region?
How do you cope during the season?


Granny Marigold said...

We don't get tornadoes around here but I can imagine how very scary it would be to have even the threat of one! Glad you're safe.

Chy said...

So far, so good Granny. We were fortunate to survive the big Tornado back in 1987 but still always on edge every July. Thanks for your kind thoughts as we wait for this wicked storm to pass. X Chy

Anne in the kitchen said...

We do get tornados here. I hate to say it but unless they are headed for my neighborhood I tend to ignore them.

Chy said...

Anne, I try to not think about them but lately, they keep being issued for our area and it's a very uneasy experience. We're going to put together our "tornado box" today as we haven't had one since we moved out to the country. Thanks for visiting today! X Chy

Penny said...

Hi Chy, we don't get any tornadoea in Scotland thankfully! a tornado box sounds like a good idea x

Chy said...

It's good to have an emergency box, just in case. So far, lots of warnings this summer (one again tonight) but no tornado so far and no big damage either. I'm glad you don't get them in Scotland. X Chy