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July 23, 2017

It's Ed ....

.... while we're on the subject of Sunday
evenings and Game of Thrones, guess
who popped up on our screen last week
during the season opener for GoT?

Yup, that is Ed Sheeran and he did very 
well, in my honest opinion. I know there 
has been some controversy over his short
appearance on the show and I'm not really
understanding all the fuss. Many other
musical artists and groups have appeared
in episodes, some more than once. I truly
think everyone should just chill and enjoy.

We're off to see Ed perform in the Big City
on Tuesday night. Can't wait to hear my
favorites .... Castle on the Hill, Shape of
You, Galway Girl and Small Bump. It's going
 to be a great night and I'm really looking
forward to the fun we'll all have together.


Penny said...

I dont watch Game of Thrones so cant comment on Ed's appearance, but love to see live music. Hope he was fantastic! X

Chy said...

He was amazing!! X Chy