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July 30, 2017

Paperwork Pile.

Before we moved in to this house, we shredded many years of old records and paper. It was so freeing to empty box after box of items we no longer needed to hang on to. And so far, I've not yet needed any of those items that were gone. No here we are, 2 years later and my paperwork pile is starting to grow again. We have a handy tote that holds all our current files and a couple of box of files that hold archived tax returns, official documents and items we are comfortable tucking away for now. My shredder though is going to come out soon to trash the items that are really not worth hanging on to. As organized as I am with paper, I'm truly looking forward to making my paperwork pile shrink down to nothing. 

How do you manager all the paper in your life?
Do you keep everything or toss immediately?


Penny said...

I keep almost nothing Chy. I deal with it as soon as it arrives and then the paper goes in to the recycling bin. My husband keeps everything, and has a drawer in to which I put all his paperwork. I recently emptied the drawer in to a large plastic under-bed container, and asked him to sort through it. If he doesn't sort through it I will dump the lot in a couple of months, after giving him some mire reminders. I hate having unnecessary paperwork lying around x

Chy said...

Because of our various projects and commitments, there is paper for each. I'm much better than I used to be and have found ways to "keep" what I need without actually keeping the paper itself. But there is still a pile to sort each month. Sigh! X Chy