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July 31, 2017

Garden Progress.

It was a very busy Sunday yesterday. We were up early and headed down the highway to rent a gas auger to put the fence posts into our little garden plot. It took most of the day, with a dear friend of ours helping, but we got in all the posts that we had planned out for the day. We have a few more to do for the gate but have to get the rails cut to size and a few more in the front garden for our Arbor, wing fences and gate. So grateful for the cloudy day with a bit of a breeze. We had a heat advisory last week so it was a gamble to do this on Sunday but turned out to be just the right weather. Today it's rainy, chilly and a bit gloomy. I'm thankful for a day to rest and do small jobs around the cottage. I did take the auger back, then headed in to town to get a few groceries, some gas and stopped in to chat with my staff.

We changed the location of the garden from in front of the shed to beside it. It wasn't going to work to attach it to the potting shed liked we hoped, so we came up with this idea instead. It took me until mid afternoon to decide that I was going to like it and by the end of the afternoon I had already planned out a grassy area with a flagstone path and a sitting bench and more trees in front of the shed. I can see it becoming a favorite spot in time.

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