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July 31, 2017

Counter Decision.

We've finally made a decision for the Art Studio. Our cabinets are now all installed, the shelves and drawers are in, the walls are painted, the lights are almost all in and next on our list was the counters. We wanted to find a wood look and came across these counters from Ikea. The Karlby line and the fit will be perfect for our contractor to work with. He  has used these a number of times in kitchen remodels, so we're trusting his judgement. And right now, Ikea has a kitchen event, so we'll be getting back 10% on our purchase today in gift cards that we can use for future purchases. Today, a friend of ours with a truck is meeting us at the store. We'll pick out the ones we want and then he'll transport them out to our acreage for us. Our counter guy is hoping to come on Wednesday to do the install. Just waiting for his confirmation. Once the counters are installed, he'll then do the baseboards, our floor guy will come and install the flooring, we will then put the cabinet doors and drawer fronts on, and the hardware, and then my dh just has to put up the last two lights ~ we were waiting for the counters first so we can align the two lights over the island just right but needed the counters there first. This has been a long dreamed about project and I can't believer we're almost ready to finally use our new Art Studio.

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