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November 30, 2016

My Inspiration.

When I was young, the tv series "Little House on the Prairie" was launched on Sunday nights. I loved the show and couldn't wait for the next episode. Reading the books prior to the show, and then again during the run, this was always one of my favorites. You may wonder  if the name of my blog had any  relation to the books and the tv series and my response is Yes! The fact that we got to finally live out our dream of living in "our little house in the big woods" was the background inspiration to my title. Shopping the other day at Costco, I spotted these DVD's in the cute little house box. Not on my wish list but I couldn't resist taking a pic. We have so many series that we've acquired over the years and now with things like Netflix, buying DVD's isn't on the radar. But this little house box was cute and I couldn't resist taking it.

Were you a fan of the Little House books and show?
Do you have a favorite series from your childhood?


Liliana said...

No and No! I didn't have any particular show as favorite. I was reading books!

Chy said...

I love and continue to love reading as well. It was the Little House books that made me interested in the tv show. It was a great series!