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November 5, 2016

Treasure Hunting.

Our term for shopping at the Antique Mall or
at our local charity shop is "Treasure Hunting."

It's so much fun to peek through booths, moving items
aside so we can officially "hunt" down anything that
may compliment our new home or fill a wish. Look
what we spotted in one vendor's booth: Mrs. Beasley!
I forgot to check the tag but a quick look on eBay and
we discovered these dolls are worth around $200 now.
No worries .... we didn't buy it. No room and truly, I
never wanted one as a child. She's kind of spooky.

Love the bins full of vintage door knobs and hanging
brackets. And I LOVE this cabinet. But it's not for sale.

This dressing table was amazing and a cool $625. Love
the mirrors that can be positioned so the individual who
is dressing can see their outfit at different angles. The
final picture is my favorite booth ~ a sweet lady from
the U.K. Jane is the vendor and she always has lovely
items that I will often buy. Great prices and true antiques.

Do you like to Treasure Hunt in your community?
Do you find great items for your home or garden?


Penny said...

I love to 'treasure hunt' too Chy, but am trying very hard now not to buy unless there is a physical space in the house for the item I
Iike , or I love it SO much that I have to have it. Ideally both! X

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting Penny. We won't buy unless it has an absolute purpose and there has to be room. We purge constantly and donate what we no longer need or use so that seems to keep it pretty even. I hate clutter and we purposely didn't create a large storage room in this house so we wouldn't gather and hold on to stuff that just sits. Sometimes we go on a treasure hunt and don't find anything but the trip is fun! X