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November 6, 2016

Cozy Sunday.

Ah, Sunday! In keeping with our promise to each other that our Sundays would be at home and restful, our plans for today are very small. Just a few tasks to tackle. On our short list were the following:

* Put the Halloween decorations away, which will happen ~ a quick task as the bin is ready and we just need to take down the few hanging objects, fold them and place them in the bin, and then take the bin down to the little Christmas room storage space we have. 

* Take the organics bin down the lane to the garbage drop off spot for the truck to pick it up tomorrow, along with our blue bags of recyclables. 

* Put away the folded clean laundry that was completed yesterday but is still in the basket.

* Make a list of dinners for the week and any grocery items to pick up.

* Put the wicker furniture under the back porch, safe and out of the elements for the winter ~ it's dreary and over cast today but the next two weeks are supposed to be very warm and sunny, so I think we'll keep the wicker out while the weather is still beautiful and we can still enjoy sunsets on the front veranda. It's easy to tuck them away if the weather forecasts do change.

* Write some letters, read some blogs and write a blog post or two. Things I love to do but have to put on my list so I don't fill the list with other tasks that aren't timely or really critical. Learning to balance my lists with things that are needed to be done and things I want to do. 

I think I'll replace "put the wicker furniture under the back porch" with "curl up on the couch in front of the fireplace with dh while he watches the hockey game today and I can nap!" Not a bad compromise. I'm still comfy in bed but plan to get up in a while to have a warm bath then tackle our small list, get dinner ready for a slow cook today and start a new letter to a dear friend or two. Tomorrow I'm in town for a bit and meeting a friend for lunch. Today is our family day off together and tomorrow is my day off while everyone else is at work and school. 

How will you spend your day today?
Wishing you a warm and relaxing Sunday!


Anne in the kitchen said...

Hope your day was filled with rest and family time!

Chy said...

It was lovely Anne. I did get some extra rest and feel pretty good today. It continued to pour rain so we stayed inside, cozy and warm. I hope your day was lovely as well. X