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November 24, 2016

Foggy Days.

We have had the strangest weather all year
long. Last Winter we barely had any snow
and this is a region that normally is covered
for almost 6 months of the entire year.

But last year, very little snow. And then we had
a very wet and rainy Summer. So much rain that
some farmers had to declare their crops ruined. We 
couldn't get our grass in because it was just too wet.

Our Fall has also been very wet and extremely foggy.
Normally we don't get fog at all or very little amounts.

I took these shots from the top of a parkade in the
big city next door to us a couple of weeks ago.

I had presented a workshop to an another organization 
downtown and was leaving but stopped for these shots.

Amazing how thick it was. This is what it's been like
most days, well into November. Very little snow, it's
still raining and the fog continues to roll in. Today,
we had a bit of sun, which  melted the bits of snow.

Have you experienced "strange" or unusual weather?
Is fog something you receive lots in the Fall?

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