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November 5, 2016

And now, the Treasures.

 We had a busy day and then, because
we were in the City, we rewarded our
hard work with a trip to the Antique
Mall. And found 3 small treasures.

An urn for flowers, a tiny pair of
leather doll shoes and a china plate.

This plate is from England and is part of the
J & G Meakin line. The markings on the back
suggest is was made sometime after 1912. It's
a thicker plate and just right for our house.

Teeny, tiny doll shoes. The clerk was
fascinated by their small size and asked
me what I'd do with them. I told him I
collect miniatures and he was intrigued.

A close up of the flower urn. I might
paint it to match another gardening
item I found the other day at our
charity shop. Will decide another day. 

Have you been thrift or antique shopping?
Have you found any great deals or treasures?


Penny said...

Super finds Chy. I am very familiar with Meakin ware, and have several pieces in the house. Those little shoes are adorable x

Chy said...

I've found a few Meakin items over the years. This one is now my favorite! X

Liliana said...

Great finds! Sometimes there are some great pieces, treasures!

Chy said...

Thanks Liliana!