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November 25, 2016

Simple Apple Pie.

 My lovey wanted desert the other night.
The only thing that we had that was sweet
was a bag of fresh, crips apples. So I dug
around in our pantry and came up with a pie.

Not just any pie of course. But pie just
like my gramma used to create for us.

Simple ingredients: pie crusts (yup!), brown
sugar, flour, butter, cinnamon and apples.

These Granny Smith apples were so tart so
I added in a couple of Mac's to even it out.

Found this apple corer at our charity shop for just $2. 
It was still in the box and is from Lee Valley!

Pie crust from our freezer. Not made by
me but we won't tell anyone, will we?!

Rolling out the dough to make the lattice top.
My first attempt and it worked out nicely.

Few extra pieces of dough ~ nice little flowers
to add some pizzaz to my little sweet pie.

In the oven, ready to bake. The aroma was amazing.
And my lovey was very impressed with my creativity.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your apple pie looks delicious !
Love the lattice top....
My daughter made fried apple and fried peach pies for Thanksgiving, her first time making them, and they were perfect.
Basic recipes are best !

Chy said...

Thank you so much Jo ~ it was so good! I'm glad your daughter's pies turned out so well for her first try. Great news!