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December 1, 2016

Xmas Card Swap.

I love any opportunity to meet new people. Although I consider myself quite shy, I think I also have a little part of me that is social and would like to increase that. My blog is a great way to communicate in a comfortable manner, without putting myself too far out there. I have several pen pals that we share letters from across the sea. And friends here in town and across the country. 

Recently I submitted my name to participate in a Christmas Card Swap for 2016 that was started by Amy from Love Made My Home. Tonight I was contacted by my "partner". Excited to send a card to her and receive on in exchange. A new member of my little circle! With her permission, I may post our links and our cards once the swap is completed. Looking forward to the mail now.

Have you ever participated in a swap of any kind?
Would you like to participate if we created another one?


Lorrie said...

I'm participating in Amy's Christmas Card swap, too - just sent my card off early this week. I do like swaps, if they are simple ones. Time is short these days, but I like to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones. Have a wonderful weekend.

Chy said...

I love doing this as well Lorrie. Looking forward to learning more about my swap pal!