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November 11, 2016

No Words.

Over the last few days, I've read many, many blogs
The words that those of you affected in the U.S. by
the unbelievable change that shook the world on
the 9th describe such despair and helplessness. I
have tried to write several times, to find words that
would bring clarity or comfort, care and compassion.

But words elude me. How does one share thoughts
when it feels like life has spiraled out of control
for those south of our border? In the end, there is
truly nothing I can say that will make it all better.

All I can share is that all of you are in our minds, 
all of you are held in our hearts and all of you are
always welcome here. I have thrown my own fears
out to the Universe and hope that there are enough
sane people in this insane time to ensure that no
harm will come to any citizen and that our world
will find ways to combat the differences so that true
peace will reign over all of us. Fear won't win here.


Penny said...

Strange and frightening times Chy x

Chy said...

It truly is. I can't imagine living in the U.S. at the moment. We're waiting to see what will happen within our own country as the closest neighbor. Hoping for calm and clear heads to rule! X