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November 30, 2016

Birthday Dinner.

Celebrating birthdays at this stage in
my life is not as exciting as when I
was a child. But I've learnt in the last
few years that it can still be a great day.

After a couple of harsh work days, it
was a lighter load today, with the end
of the day spent teaching a class at
the University. I love teaching adults
about life experiences, like grief and
loss. They eat up every word. So
empowering! And they always give
us the very loveliest gifts at the end.

Picked up our grand baby from school and
came home to find treats for dinner. A yummy
asian stir fry with my favorite cool drink, with
extra, extra lemonade, thank you very much!

Then it was time for cake. A scrumptious and light
whipped cake with chocolate covered strawberries.

Oooh, so good! My dh carefully picked the
strawberries off the cake so I could indulge
in these sweets. Guess what? I didn't share
either!! Only on this day, the day of my
birth, do I ever allow myself to be selfish.

It was a great day. I received so many FB
birthday wishes that I'm having a hard
time keeping up in thanking each poster.
Texts from special friends and family. And
some lovely calls, including a surprise
one from our Mayor. Had a great chat
with her and loved what she shared with
me ~ that's a story for another day. We
learned some much needed funding came
through for my centre, another fundraiser
yesterday netted more funds than we
had hoped for and new granting streams
that we thought had dried up years ago.
Much lighter and brighter day today.
This getting older is not so bad!! I
could live these special days more often.

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