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June 27, 2016

Just for Fun ....

.... I decided it was time to shift my mind from
the negative back to the positive and looked
for something to amuse myself. I've been
mulling over my blog, truly trying to figure out
it's purpose and why I love having a blog. During
that process, I decided to look back to see which
post was the most viewed post during the 5 years
I've written my blog in the blog world! Here it is:

This sweet little lamp generated an astonishing 410 
views. I usually average 40 to 60ish views a day.
Feeling a bit of an accomplishment for such a
tiny lamp creating such a big view count.
We still have our "tiny glow lamp" and it is
still turned on each night at dusk. Love it!!

Have you ever looked to see your most viewed post?
If so, please can you share it with us for fun?


~Carla~ said...

Hmm.. I don't think mine would be that easy and don't think I want to put in the time to find it.. LOL!! Hope you have a good day!

Chy said...

I needed to focus my brain for a bit on something else and I love numbers! It was fun to sift through to see which post had the most views. I can't figure out why that one was so popular!!

Penny said...

It is a lovely post Chy, isn't it funny what attracts attention, and how people find specific posts. I have never looked to see what post has generated most views, but I know a post I wrote about visiting the Kelpies (horse structures) seems to get a lot of views, I think it must come up on the google search when people look for the Kelpies. X

gai said...

Well, that was interesting! I had no idea which of my posts had the most views, and it turns out:
#1 - http://www.thisgreenlife.ca/29-re-purposed-bottle-tree/
#2 - http://www.thisgreenlife.ca/review-of-robin-hood-nutri-flour-blend-gluten-free/
#3 - http://www.thisgreenlife.ca/31-how-to-make-6-pointed-paper-snowflakes/

Thanks for asking the question!


Chy said...

Interesting how we write each day Penny, never knowing which work or passage or post will be enjoyable for our readers. Fun to see which ones had the most traffic in the end.

Chy said...

Gail, that's great you could find 3 posts that had the most traffic! Thanks for visiting.