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April 17, 2016

Thrifty Porch Update.

 We bought our deck set a few years ago
when we took down our old deck and
put up a new cedar deck at our old
house. Budget was tight at the time.

So we bought this one on sale for more
than 80% off the original price. Deal!

We always thought we'd sell it once we 
moved out to this house but somehow it 
found it's way on the moving truck and
here it is! But I hated these two cushions.

Look what I found at the Dollar Store for a
tidy $3 a piece. Yup, new covers for cheap.

Love the brighter green. So much nicer
than the blah beige we had lived with.

Pretty and colorful now.

And a sweet mat for the table.

Have you found thrifty ways to decorate
your porch/veranda/yard this year?

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