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April 20, 2016

Blooming Landscape.

 Walking past our guest bedroom this morning
and what do I see out the window? Leaves!

Suddenly our very barren trees are blooming like 
crazy. I feel like every time I look, leaves just appear.

A sweet sight and one I will never get tired
of every single spring. So much greenery.

Lots to fill in but the fact that this is
only the middle of April is inspiring.

This forest will soon be thick with full leaves
and wildlife. Soon we won't see our neighbors.

This boy is excited and keeps going outside to check 
to see how many more leaves have bloomed.

Green leaves against a bright blue April sky.
Another week or two and we won't see the sky!


Anne in the kitchen said...

Welcome spring (though it is bordering on summer here)

Chy said...

Cool today with a promise of showers, which we truly need. Fingers crossed the little tiny drops become real rain!