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April 25, 2016

Rude Awakening.

 We had quite the rude awakening
the other morning, very early on.

Do you see the snow outside our
bedroom window? Not welcome ....

.... nor expected but there wasn't
much we could do about it.

So we put the tea pot on and
stayed toasty and cozy warm inside.

By afternoon, the snow was gone
and we were smiling again. That is,
until we heard the weather forecast
for tonight .... snow to start soon!

Have you had any late spring snow this year?
Was your winter warm too with a cold spring?


Penny said...

We have had crazy weather this spring too Chy. Last week was very warm, about 18c, and the last few days we have had sleet, snow and bitter winds. X

Chy said...

Now it's warm again and the snow melted quickly. Wish we could have some rain so the dry spell can disappear. In time! X