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April 11, 2016

A Big Project.

 For quite a while, I've been scouring boot 
sales, our local Antique Mall and thrift stores.

Searching, searching, searching for a decent
window frame for a project in my head.

We finally scored one for a very affordable $20.
And even though one of the panes is broken,
it's just perfect for what I want to do. Lots of
work to get it in to the condition it needs to be.

Taking out the panes of glass so I can paint
the frame has been quite a challenge. So far,
I haven't broken anything or cut up my fingers.
Tedious work but in time, I hope it looks like this:

Wouldn't this be a sweet project to finish?
I may leave 2 of the panes of glass in.
But the chicken wire is so vintage for
what I want to use this frame for. Lovely.


McVal said...

That will be so cool! Good luck to you!

Penny said...

What a delightful project! Love this idea and look forward to seeing it completed X

Chy said...

Thanks McVal. Almost there. Now to decorate!

Chy said...

Really having fun with it Penny. X