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April 29, 2016

I'm Chuffed ....


.... and not sure what to do with it! The insurance guy was so kind today and told me that he evaluates up to 50 homes a month. And today, our new home became his very favorite on his long list of lovely homes. He said "it was so thought out, so beautiful and so cozy that it should be in a magazine"! Made me feel quite proud that all our work was worth the effort to hear such amazing comments when someone comes to visit. I can't ever imagine it in a magazine but the idea that someone actually thinks it could be makes me beam all over. 

Did you receive a nice compliment today?
What do you do when someone is so kind?


Penny said...

Enjoy your compliment! I am sure it was sincerely meant, your house does look not only beautiful, but also very homely! X

Chy said...

It's comfy and cozy. Looking forward to the next stage of landscaping to get it all done! X