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April 29, 2016

Five Things Friday.


Carla at Half Dozen Daily posted her "Five Things Friday" so I thought I'd join in. Here's mine:

1. I had to do 8 Tax Returns this year. The deadline is Monday. All were filed in the last month and everyone except my mom is receiving or has received a tax refund. Looking forward to ours, which will go towards our landscaping this year. Big project and this will really help.

2. No dinner thawing or plans. Will see what surprise my dh brings home! Hope it's something scrumptious.

3. Laundry is almost done. The house is in order, bathrooms scrubbed, floors swept, carpets vacuumed, dusting done, recycling out and bills paid. My list is done.

4. A dear new friend has asked me out to a movie next week. I can't wait! We're going to see the new Sally Field flick. Can't remember the name but it looks funny.

5. Chalk painted a few projects this week. Second coats to go on this weekend. Quite enjoying this new skill I'm developing. Will have more projects to share in time.

That's my "Five Things Friday." 
Feel free to join in! 

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