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April 2, 2016

Dark Stormy Night.

The wind is howling, the trees are dancing
and we're tucked into bed, safe and sound.

The rain is supposed to start soon and I hope 
there won't be any thunder and lightening.
It's strange to be having a storm so early
in the Spring but our winter was pretty mild.

Have you had any wind and rain storms yet?
Is it mild in your neck of the woods or unstable?


Anne in the kitchen said...

We had torrential rain, winds, lightning and tornado watches Thursday night and Friday early am. Now it is just gorgeous.

Lorrie said...

No rain here lately, just lots and lots of lovely sunshine! We even watered some recent plantings today.

Penny said...

Fortunately no spring storms here. Keep cosy! X

Chy said...

We ended up with a very nice weekend Penny. Temps all the way up to 20 degrees Celcius. It was amazing! But today, we're back to dark clouds, breezy winds and the threat of a night time rain storm. We need the rain for sure. But later in the week, we'll be back to very warm and sunny weather again. Can't wait! X