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April 26, 2016

A Nesty Mess.

Look what we came home to today. A very messy
nest project, spilling over from the window sill.

Now we can't wait to see if this tiny bird's nest
being constructed will soon hold sweet little eggs.

A new adventure for us to observe and experience
out here in the beautiful countryside where we live.


Anne in the kitchen said...

How sweet! We had to relocate a nest that was begun on our front door. We use it as our main entrance so we cant have a nest built in the corner of the door. We have had one there before and ended up with terrified wrens flying in the house. No fun for them or us, especially since terrified wrens leave little terrified trails.

Penny said...

A collared dove started building a nest on the security light above our front door last year! I was all for leaving her in peace and making everyone walk round to the back of the house, but she abandoned the nest very quickly and built elsewhere X