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April 15, 2016

A Goal Achieved.

One of my goals was to reach 100 posts
by the 4th month of the year .... nailed it!

I actually completed 100 posts in just
over 100 days ~ 102 to be exact. As a
goal oriented person, and not the most
consistent writer, this feels really great.

Do you have any blogging or writing goals?
Or do you write when it feels right to do so?


Penny said...

Ideally I would like to compose two posts per week, but I almost never do. I haven't posted now for 19 days, which is long, even by my standards! Well done on resching your goal. I am not very goal orientated generally, I admire those who are X

Chy said...

I love when someone blogs with a break in between posts. So much fun to catch up. Do just what works for you! X