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April 29, 2016

Rough Start.

I love my Fridays. Time to meet with my families, time to get case notes written up, time to book appointments for next week, time to regroup and become centered again before our kids group on Saturdays. It's really helpful to me to have this time. And the bonus is it starts our weekend off well. Life in order before the fun.

But today, we had a rough start to our day. Our insurance company scheduled a time to come out to view our home and make sure that our insurance coverage is adequate for our new home. I chose early morning so that I could still keep my regular schedule going. I woke up to two cancellations for counselling, which is not normal but thought I'd use that time for notes and some research to buy some instruments and new books that we'd like to order. The insurance arrived and we were almost done this short appointment when we came across an issue. When we opened the door to the storage room, my lovely "Christmas Room", we both immediately noticed a small puddle, which turned into a larger mess as we investigated. Water under the little carpet and all along the one baseboard. Thankfully, it didn't go further than that! But we will have to have the baseboard replaced. And the culprit ended being the piping that brings the water into the house from the well. Two hairline cracks. A manufacturing defect. All covered under warranty. But still a mess and of course, our time. I ended up going in to town to meet my families then came back to meet the well guy and his assistant. They just left but rigged up a temporary way to divert the drips of water into our drain so that we can avoid more damage. I'm thankful for quick responses and a solution that is covered. But now so tired from the stress of this unexpected experience. Dh is on his way home and we plan to go out for a small date night. Not sure what we're doing. But I'm quite ready to do something fun, after a rough start to the day. 

How was your day today?
Any unexpected experiences?


Penny said...

Ooh ouch! Glad you found it quickly! X

Chy said...

It will be fixed today. Can't wait! X