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May 1, 2013

Thankful for Pneumonia!

My cold has progressed to pneumonia, an annual event for me in this house.  A side effect from being an asthmatic kid. But for the first time ever, I'm truly thankful for this blip in my schedule!

While I am not happy to be this ill, I'm relieved to have some time just for me to stay in bed and get better. Life has become increasingly hectic over the last few weeks and I'm quickly falling behind in all my projects. While laying in bed for the next few days will not cure what ails me, it will give me some time to clear my head, rethink my priorities and create an action plan. I was feeling quite overwhelmed yesterday but waking up today and deciding that everything will have to fall to the wayside so I can recover has made me feel better already. I'm going to lay here and get better and dream. And then put the plan into place so I don't have to rely on getting sick for my world to slow down. 

Definitely not the best way to live this beautiful life!

Thankful for an incredible work environment where my time is my own and taking time to fight this battle is not a burden on anyone. 

Thankful for a dear husband who takes care of me the best he can and is coming home early this afternoon to pick up our daughter from school and make me my favorite soup. 

Thankful for a warm and cozy house that is sheltering me today from the blustery snow outside. Yes, it is May 1st in Alberta but that clearly hasn't stopped Mother Nature from extending winter this year. 

Thankful for my soft bed that comforts my aching body and makes sleeping easier when every thing hurts!

Thankful for my naturopathic doctor who has just the right combination of herbs and supplements so I can heal without any side effects from drugs. 

Thankful for sleeping dogs at the moment. Not sure how I will manage to take them outside but dd made sure they had a good run this morning. If all goes well, they'll sleep well until dh gets home!

I'm off to make a steaming cup of tea to savor in my cozy bed. Looking foward to feeling stronger and back to a better path once this bug leave my body. Have a lovely day and stay healthy!!


Elizabethd said...

Hope you will feel better soon. Rest is the best thing.

Lorrie said...

Sounds like resting is what you really need right now. Stay warm and cozy.