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May 22, 2013

Full Moon Soon?

It's been a very weird 36 hours. Yesterday, I had 4 different appointments set up for families requiring counseling. All for grief. One is palliative but the others have all experienced the death of someone they love and need extra support and education. All were eager to meet with me. All confirmed on Monday that the appointment was set.

I received a call to cancel the first one. Then another call came in. And it didn't stop!

Ask me how many canceled?

Not sure?

Let me tell you. 

All 4!


That has never, ever, in all my years, happened before. Sometimes someone will cancel due to illness or they change their minds but it's usually pretty rare. Most often when someone has set an appointment for grief counseling, they come in because they call when they are ready to explore their journey.

So 4 in one day was weird. 

But then it gets weirder. 

Today, I had 3 set up. And can you believe what happened?

You guessed it!

All 3 canceled. 

So I've called it a day & I'm off to hang out in my garden. Either this is total coincidence and will never happen again, or their is a full moon rising. Whatever the reason, I've given up trying to figure it out!

How is your day going? 

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