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May 9, 2013

Yesterday I ....

  • drove my daughter to her work - too far to walk as it's on the other side of our little hamlet
  • came home to water our "quickly changing to green" grass and trees
  • tidied the house that was beautifully clean on the weekend but by yesterday was looking a little weary
  • had a long, hot bath and planned my day while soaking
  • met a board member who is redesigning our website for tea - iced, shaken lemonade teas, my favorite
  • ran into a old friend who has become distant - we had a brief but lovely chat
  • paid all the bills for May and June so I don't have to think about them for the next two months
  • ate a scrumptious lunch of leftovers - love that my husband cooks such wonderful meals
  • spent the next 8 hours working on a project that includes a lot of tiny sticky notes, with receipts, spreadsheets and mind boggling numbers
  • scheduled appointments for my next day off, including one bank to gather the last few items I need for said project, an appointment for renewing our little mortgage and an appointment with our local funeral home to pitch a project idea
  • created a budget for our now booked holiday, set for June 28th to July 8th
  • went shopping for the preschool and used a Groupon that was gifted to me to buy little B 3 toys/activities that totaled $44 but I only had to pay $4 - my kind of deal!
  • played with little B before his gym class then got back to my paperwork once he was gone and dh had gone to the hockey game with a friend - love the quiet when I have to concentrate on numbers
  • crawled into our comfy bed to watch Corrie at 1 a.m.
So much for a day off!!

It's going to be a long day as I've been awake since 6 with a puppy who wanted to play. But lots of good things happening today and tomorrow is another day off, so I can catch up on my sleep then. 

Enjoy your bright and sunny day, where ever you are!!

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