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May 26, 2013


I have a love/hate feeling for today. It is our Annual Baby Loss Memorial Service, held the 4th Sunday afternoon every May. As one of the organizers and this year, as a speaker, I am honored to be invited and honored to be presenting. 

But I hate that there is a need to do this every year. I wish there was a "cure" for baby loss, a cure that will ensure that the pain our families endure does not have to ever occur. The sadness and empty arms are lifelong, not just for a moment. 

Today, we come together to remember these precious, tiny beings. There will be words of wisdom and comfort, hugs, memories shared, children will play and goodies will be enjoyed. Everyone will go home with a tiny teddy, symbolic of the baby they lost and those bears will be lovingly placed on a shelf or in a memory box, taken out often to be held, to ease the pain slightly, with the knowledge our families are not alone on their heartbreaking journey. 

Definitely a love/hate kind of day ....


Lorrie said...

It's good to remember those who have lost babies. The sorrow never goes away.

Chy said...

Thank you Lorrie. It was a beautiful, heartwarming ceremony today. I'm still beaming from the sentiments and memories that were shared.