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May 20, 2013

Long Weekend List.

Here in Canada, we enjoyed a long, warm, sunny weekend called "Victoria Day Long Weekend."

The original intent was to celebrate Queen Victoria,  hence the term "Victoria Day Long Weekend." For most Canadians, it's a  weekend to garden, visit with family and friends, travel and relax, after a long winter.

Our little family was very busy all weekend. We created a spreadsheet we would stay on track and that worked very well. Here's our list that we managed to accomplish from Friday night up to Monday night:
  • cleaned the house from top to bottom in anticipation of guests all weekend
  • trip to Costco for new garden plants and food for both home and for our company
  • shot a commercial with our crew on Saturday morning outside
  • reorganized the kitchen and moved the island to the side of the nook, opening up quite a bit of space
  • cleaned the deck, hung the gazebo curtains and put out the cushions for the furniture
  • gathered my planting pots and lined them up for filling with fresh dirt
  • reorganized the garage so we can park, renovate, build and garden without tripping over items
  • recycled, purged, donated, gathered the garbage and made many, many trips to our dumpster
  • dug out the gardens and added new dirt in anticipation of planting the new perennials
  • rewrote my service plan for our centre and looked over our documents for our meeting tomorrow
  • had an impromptu dinner with our family, including my mom and her beau, who we ran in to while we were out and about today
  • helped our son move his house contents to storage in anticipation of their big move
  • wrote, checked and responded to emails and made notes for next week
  • washed, folded and put away 6 loads of laundry and reorganized by clothes closet and drawers
Looking forward to closing my eyes and having a great sleep, after a great weekend and great work!

How was your long weekend? If you didn't have a long weekend, what did you do and what would have you done if you would have had a long weekend?


Elizabethd said...

No long weekend here. Yours sounds absolutely non-stop!

Chy said...

It was definitely busy! But still fun and today I feel so good that we had the right weather and the energy to get so much done. Looking out at my garden this morning made the work worth the time.