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May 25, 2013

Fleetwood Mac!

The first record I ever
bought was "Rumors" by
Fleetwood Mac. 

I saved my babysitting
money for months and
vividly recall the very
rainy day when my mom
took me  to the mall to 
buy this special album.

The first concert I ever
saw was my favorite band
Fleetwood Mac. 

Ten days ago, 
we attended what we 
thought might be the last
concert we would ever see
Fleetwood Mac. 

Best concert ever!!

And at the end, 
they announced they'd be
back in a couple of years. 

They've been in the studio,
recording new material. 
Played two new songs
that night and we 
loved them both. 

Age has not slowed
Fleetwood Mac!

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