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May 25, 2013


Sitting in a silent house. Our 3 month old granddaughter is napping, while mom and dad wait for the painters to finish at their apartment. They are used to complete silence when little L naps, so it was quite a learning experience for us to make sure absolutely no noise will occur while she is asleep. We even had to turn off the furnace so it wouldn't make any sound. It's been raining for 2 days now, so we had it on just low as the house was feeling chilly and we didn't want her to get cold. In the silence, she peacefully sleeps.

When our kids were babies, we made noise while they napped so they'd get used to it. We knew we'd have a big family and that our house would always be humming with noise. The request today to provide absolute silence was not something we were sure we could do. Even without little ones in the house, it's still a pretty noisy place. I couldn't imagine having to be so quiet you can't do anything! But our daughter-in-law is very strict so we honor her wishes and it keeps her happy. 

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