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May 12, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat.

Exactly 17 weeks ago, we were feeding the sheep on Salt Spring. In 7 short weeks, we'll be back there again, without winter jackets this time and with two little lambs to meet. 

I love Carla's "Sunday Night Chit Chat" each week. Some weeks, I participate and other weeks, I just read what the other bloggers have contributed. So interesting to read how everyone's week was. 

Here's my submission for this week:

Bereavement manuals for creating new training modules. Not fun stuff but a good time to read while it's quiet. And the bonus? I'll have more facilitators which means I can do less facilitating. 

Listening to? 
The movie we are watching. 

Bridesmaids. A silly, fun movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Cooking? Baking? 
Nothing at the moment but we should warm up dinner soon. We enjoyed an amazing Mother's Day bbq on our deck last night with family, as my dh had a hockey game tonight and our oldest dd and grandson had to be away until 7 tonight. Yummy leftovers are waiting for us!

Happy you accomplished this week?
Gathered all the documents and bits of paper for our upcoming review by Canada Revenue for our Charity that we operate. We've never had a review so this is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Think I'm all ready. And the reviewer sounds great so hopefully all will be well. Wish me luck!

Looking forward to next week? 
Teaching the teen group tomorrow. Review on Tuesday morning and grief group in the afternoon. Day off on Wednesday and meeting a friend for tea. Going to Fleetwood Mac in the evening. Lots of counselling sessions on Thursday. Preschool classes on Friday - love the little guys. So fun to work with! And then blissfully, a long weekend to enjoy. So far, no plans, other than gardening and enjoying the projected good weather. 

Thankful for today? 
I got to sleep in. Had the most amazing breakfast in bed, with lovely presents - flowers, gift cards (books and clothes) and a really nice case to carry my laptop in, with long straps to go over my shoulder. Long, hot, bubbly bath. Trip to the greenhouse to buy some lavender. Home to relax and watch a movie with dd. Bit of paperwork that I can leisurely do without interruption. What am I thankful for today? My dear family, my cozy but colorful home, my work, my organization, my health. I feel blessed to be at this time in our life in good health (most of the time) and enjoying all the small moments!

Bonus Question: Do you ever gamble, play the lottery, Bingo, sweepstakes, etc.? 
We bought our first Lotto 649 ticket when the lottery first started in Canada in 1982. We had just bought our first house and though not gamblers, we thought the $1 per week was pretty harmless on our small budget. We used a combination of our birthdates, our anniversary and our home address then to create our 6 number combination. We've played every game since then, never missing and winning often, though not large amounts but enough to offset the actual cost. We don't buy any other lottery tickets or gamble, play bingo, etc. We've never, ever changed our numbers - it would kill me if we did and then our numbers were pulled. Innocent fun that is a very tiny amount in our overall budget. We don't drink coffee or buy junk food, so it's our little indulgence! It would be so much fun to win, to share with our family and to expand our charity. Fun all around!

Well, now that you've read my contribution, hop over to Carla's to read what everyone else wrote!


~Carla~ said...

It sounds like you had an awesome Mother's Day! It's freezing again isn't it!? Brr!! I had to kick the heat back on 'cause we were freezing! :( Hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks so much for playing along!!

Chy said...

It was a nice day. We started out with 28 above and muggy but this afternoon, it started to get windy, which cooled us down to a more manageable 20. It's been spitting off and on but no real rain just yet, which we truly need. Hopefully thru the night it will pour.

I love playing along. One day, I shall create a weekly gathering on my little blog but no ideas just yet!!