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May 6, 2013


I've just spent the last hour trying to post free ads to our local newspapers website. A great events calendar that should be full. Now I think I can see why it isn't. I've posted two events. One took right away but has not yet shown up. There was no message to indicate it has gone thru. No recourse. Nothing! So at the moment, I have no idea if my event is there. I tried a second post for another of our support groups and it doesn't do anything other than sit there. I click, it sits, not frozen, just "dead". 


I think paying for ads would be far less time consuming and likely not as frustrating!! If we had the budget, its the route I would definitely go. 


Cheapchick said...

The designer of that website likely never had to try using it! I would recommend also posting on Kijiji and Craigslist. They seem more user friendly. Cheers!

Chy said...

We often use kijiji and it works really well. It was our community leaders who suggested that we use the local newspaper to post our events and meetings. I'm off tomorrow and will be calling the paper to see if there is a way to make it work better. Never tried Craigslist. May have to take a peek at it. Thanks for the suggestions!