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May 21, 2013


We often connect thru our weekends to the news, to keep up with world events, to see what the weather forecast is, and even to hear about the good in the world. 

Sometimes, like this weekend, we disconnect because we're too wrapped up in our own little world to take time to check in. It was devastating this morning to turn on our local news and discover that Oklahoma has been destroyed by a massive tornado, with Moore, a city the size of ours, hit the hardest. It was horrifying to learn that a 2 year old boy was killed in the city beside us when he was out for dinner with his family, killed by a drunk driver who crashed into the restaurant patio the family was sitting at. it was sad to learn about all the individuals who were killed or hurt this weekend in accidents on the highways as they traveled to visit family and friends.

A beautiful weekend turned tragic in so many ways.

My heart aches this morning and my tears are abundant as I think about each and every family affected by these events. There is nothing I can do but wish these families heartfelt blessings for healing as they journey thru grief. 


Lorrie said...

We disconnected for the long weekend, too and I was so saddened when I read the news last night. So much tragedy in the world. It's good to be thankful and hold our loved ones close.

Chy said...

I just came in from watering my lawn and had to stop as I started to imagine a family wandering thru the streets of Moore today, searching for their home. So sad and unimaginable. It does bring everything so close to home, doesn't it Lorrie, when things happen that make no sense and hurt so many?

~Carla~ said...

It's heartwrenching isn't it? There was a 32 yr old married man of a 2 yr old girl murdered here a little over a week ago...why? A couple of guys on Kijiji (like Craigslist) wanted to take his truck for a "joyride". Now there are families shattered, heartbroken, lost, because of a selfish, heartless man. :(

Chy said...

That is so sad Carla. I work in the field of bereavement on a daily basis and I always think I've heard the worst story but the next one always seems so unbelievable. I wish our world was not so cruel.