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December 30, 2012

Dollhouse Sale.

We recently went to a Dollhouse Sale and couldn't believe how crowded it was! We thought we were the only ones that had taken on this task of putting an old dollhouse back together. But we were wrong. There were hundreds of people who attended and we learned quickly to buy an item you see that is just right. Mulling it over, picking it up, putting it back down may result in someone else snatching it up. We're happy with our new items for this project and will be well prepared for next year. For just a mere $80, we are pleased with our finds at the sale.
Here's what we came home with:
Miniature blanket and quilt.
Tools and kitchen items.

More kitchen and decorating items.

Paving stones for the garden, baskets, bicycle,
soft grass, kite, kitty and small bench.

We'll have quite the kitchen once it's done!

All things to make this sparse house cozy!

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