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December 31, 2012

This ....

.... was absolutely amazing!!
We went to the VIP theatre on the 27th.
Tickets were tucked away in my stocking,
a special surprise.
The VIP theatre is a new concept in the city
and I was quite impressed.
No children or teens as the theatre is strictly over 18.
Which meant I could hear the movie and
no one kicked the back of my seat!
All seats are reserved so we got to pick online
where we wanted to sit.
Servers come to take your food and drink order,
then bring the items to your seat.
The seats are wide, comfy, reclining
and the aisles wide
so there is even "space" from any chatter that might happen.
The food was hot and delicious and the drinks refreshing.
The service was excellent.
Truly the way a movie experience should happen. I loved
every moment and I usually don't like going to the movies.
During this movie, it was quiet,
except when laughter needed to happen.
And everyone clapped at the end of the film.

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