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December 30, 2012

Shopping Tools.

Christmas shopping is something we start early in the year so that we can enjoy the process instead of rushing around. Once the cold weather arrives, we usually only have bits to do but what makes it a truly "Christmacy" experience is the tools we need on hand to set the scene.
We need snow, which we have no shortage of in our climate.
We need warm coats, mitts and boots. Traipsing from store to store requires warm clothing.
We need our list of what still needs to be purchased, a budget, our cloth shopping bags and alternate ideas in case the items we are searching for are not available.

Finally, we need this:

White hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream.
Then we need this:

Sugary goodies to keep our strength up!
I hope our family appreciates the work we go to for
making sure their Christmas is amazing every year!!

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