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December 28, 2012

Sick baby ,,,,

My last day of work for 2012 was on Thursday, December 20th. I've enjoyed this entire week off and still have another week and a half to go. Bill had to work yesterday for not quite a full day and the same today, then he is off again until January 2nd. Today, I heard him leave but he was trying so hard to creep around so I could sleep a bit. Catching up and regaining some energy for the coming year is the plan this holiday season.
However, my plans to ice cookies and write all day got a bit sidetracked when I was woken up by Chelsea, who crept into my room with a very sick boy in her arms. We all snuggled in bed until she was able to get an appointment for him at the clinic at 11:30 a.m. While they were gone, I had a warm bath, then made our bed and set up our family room to be the "hub" for the day. They got home around 1 (the verdict was tonsillitis) and we settled in for the afternoon, taking turns rocking our sick boy and getting his fever down to a more manageable temperature. He slept, sipped, fussed, cried, moaned and then finally asked for some pasta, which after it was cooked and brought to him, he promptly took one bite and declared he was "all done"!

Despite the snag in my original plan for the day, I did make the icing and made a scrumptious Turkey Pot Pie for dinner tonight. Bill came home at 3 and whisked me away for a quick trip to Costco so I could pick up some ingredients for our meal. Came across a scrapbooking pad of paper and embellishments from one of my favorite artists, Susan Branch. Sells on her website for $29.95 but on sale at Costco for a very reasonable $10.95. Looking forward to having some time over the holidays to do some scrapbooking.

Beckett is having a miserable time tonight. Bedtime is next on the agenda. Can't wait to have our sweet little guy back again. Miss his grin and his fun, goofy personality!

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