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December 26, 2012

Catching Up!

I have been a terrible blogger over the last few months. The last time I wrote was in the summer! So many things have happened, I could take all day writing a post just to catch up. Instead, I'll just jot down a few of the key things that are memorable and worth sharing.

We had a lovely summer, full of rebuilding our deck and redoing our garden. And then, when all the work was done, we sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the time we were able to spend outside in our new space. Space that is now open, beautiful to look at, comfortable to be surrounded by and oh so sweet to smell. Cedar was definitely the way to go, especially with the price we were able to negotiate, then negotiate again with Home Depot, creating a bill in the end that was lower than using a much cheaper wood. Score one for us!

Pictures to follow.

My job has changed a bit and I'm still trying to work it all out. It's a good move but one that has added more responsibility to my plate. I'm feeling a bit resentful that my co-workers are not bogged down with the caseload I currently carry but I truly believe in time that we'll be better off in showing the need for creating a new position so I can have staff, instead of just volunteers.

The increase in my job created some stress and I ended up with bronchial pneumonia in the fall. Not a bad case but one that knocked me down for a bit. Still trying to get my energy back, which means half the week I'm running like crazy, on the days I feel good, and the rest of the week I'm trying to regain my energy. Vicious cycle! Still seeing my naturopath - love her! She is helping me reclaim my body and live a full life, instead of the one my doctor insisted I live.
Our oldest dd is living with us now full time, with our little Beckett a big focus in our daily life. We now have a routine and it feels like this is how it's always been. I can't quite remember our life a year ago, without him here. Keeps us on our toes and makes life fun every day!
Change is good and on that note, I've decided to change the name of my blog to better reflect our life. I hope you like the change and will continue to read along.

A few pictures to end this post. Apologies in advance for the poor lighting. Candles are my favorite but not great for photos! My love and I out for our Anniversary Dinner. We celebrated 31 years together this summer, with our 28th Wedding Anniversary in August. A favorite spot but one that is tres expensive, therefore, visits are reserved for very special occasions!

All for now but more as the days progress!

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