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December 31, 2012

Big Boy!

Today, we chose a date for our Open House for the preschool in the New Year. This is for families to register for the fall of 2013. Registrations happen early in our community as there are more children than spaces available. Some families are even registering children who haven't been born yet! We have been very quiet in our growth and each year we have more preschoolers join in but it looks like this coming year, we'll be full for the first time. In hearing this, my daughter joked that she was not worried as Beckett has an "in" with gramma and grampa owning the preschool. I joked back that he won't have a spot if he doesn't get registered formally.
So Beckett filled out his own form
when we were at the preschool!

Now he has a spot.

"This registering is hard work".

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