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December 31, 2012

Worth the wait!

Just got off the phone with our cell phone company. I was so frustrated with the promises made when our accounts were up for renewal but did not show up our on our next bill. The first individual I got was nasty and basically said "too bad, so sad, that individual was wrong, you're stuck with what she keyed in"!
Ah, not, I don't think so!!
So I asked for Customer Retention and got the most amazing young lady who listened to my concern and fixed everything, which is truly and accurately reflected on our last bill. She then pointed out we were also supposed to get a $50 rebate on both phones, making both phones totally free +  2 x $50 credits on our accounts. But we were never given nor told about the rebates. She told us to go online and retrieve them and our January bill would be next to nothing as both our plans, completely unlimited for everything are just over $100 together for the month.
Great plan, good service, now we're happy and set for 3 years again.
But today I went on to retrieve the rebates and couldn't find them. I connected to Live Chat and basically got another rude individual who told us there was a 60 day time limit on the rebates, so another "too bad, so sad" moment.
Hung up on Live Chat and called directly, and within minutes, they had applied the rebates directly. I'm to go on the account within the next 24 to 48 hours to confirm but have been reassured several times that all is well and not to worry.
We'll see.
I've learned from this experience it is very helpful to be good customers with an account that is always paid on time, never late and often overpaid as we like to "even" out our bills. Good customers = keeping us happy = pushing things thru that might have been denied to others.
Good way to end the year!

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