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December 29, 2012

Treasure Hunting.

A couple of days after Christmas, while the rest of my house was sleeping, I slipped out of bed, showered and ventured outside to my car, driving a few blocks away to our local charity shop. I needed to get out of the house, having been inside for the last week with the bitter cold and our Christmas celebrations. I had a couple of dollars tucked away in my pocket and immensely enjoyed being the first one in the shop that morning, exchanging good wishes with the staff for a Happy New Year. It's fun living in a smaller community and I love shopping where the "hello, it's good to see you" greetings are genuine.
Here's my stash for the day:
A Land's End warm sweater, light sage in color ....

for the princely sum of .50 cents!
As we restore one large house, the appeal of this small house was to good to pass up. A smaller project while we wait for supplies for the large house to arrive. Price? $2.50.

Hallmark Christmas Decoration for .50 cents.

Bunnies By The Bay book for $3.00

The bonus is that there are quilt patterns inside
and one that I've already chosen for my next project.

Trio of lace doilies for .25 cents.

Roll of wired lilac ribbon for .25 cents.
Not a bad trip out. The weather was starting to get warmer
and I enjoyed the "alone" time.
When I came home, just 40 minutes later,
everyone was still asleep.
I wasn't even missed!

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