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December 31, 2012

Our 2012.

It was another good year. Really, I have nothing to write that was negative. I see so many people tonight writing on blogs or on Facebook how bad this year was and how they are excited to see the end of it. I don't feel the same but then somehow, even when we've had a year that had challenges, there is always something to feel good about, even if it's the smallest thing. It's how I was raised and how we've raised our kids but something I had to teach my dh. He grew up with lots of negativity and it took a while to get him to really look at life with a new perspective. I'm so glad he turned it around. Makes life that much nicer if our focus can be positive.
Flowers from a dear friend recently. Brightened a rainy, snowy day!
Highlights from this year:
  • our oldest daughter and grandson came to live with us and we've survived this first year, a year full of learning all over again how to have a baby in the house
  • our oldest son made 2 movies and 4 commercials and expanded his modeling contracts
  • our 2nd son moved to a new job and then got married
  • our 2nd son and daughter-in-law are now expecting their first baby, our second grandbaby
  • our 2nd daughter was hired to be our preschool teacher by the board of directors
  • we both received raises this year and feel fortunate to be in positions that we both love
  • we enjoyed 2.5 weeks in our paradise, a secluded cottage overlooking the ocean, at our favorite spot on the West Coast - just the two of us, resting, rejuvenating and rediscovering
  • we finished up some renos on our house and rebuilt our backyard that has become another living space for us
  • we found the most amazing naturopath who is actively working on my health with confidence
  • we gifted a name to my employer, expanded our programs, have wait lists for classes and a long time dream has now come true!
Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. May all your dreams come true and your passion for life be lit!

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