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October 25, 2021

Blogtober: Day 23.

Thinking about what words I'll add to
the 2 tattoos I have ~ 1 on each arm,
green for Bretton and purple for Ciara.
Our tattoo artist moved to the Coast
in the Summer. Now we have to find
a new artist. A big task for the right one.

Cloudy and windy this morning but it
is supposed to be super warm and sunny
this afternoon. I'm using this morning
to watch a Palliative Care Conference
and doing paperwork, laundry and a
bit of stretching. Then change in to my
very dusty work clothes and head out
to continue working on landscaping.
I can see the finish line! Almost there.
This time next week, we'll be all done!

What's on tap for you today?
A busy day or a quiet one?

~ Chy

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