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October 18, 2021

Blogtober: Day 18.

Blogtober: Day 18. Feeling so grateful that we are having a beautiful Fall. We were not able to finish our stone patio project this Summer ~ between the sweltering heat and the aggressive wasps, we felt behind on our landscaping. But we knew in time, the heat would disappear and the wasps would all die. And here we are, with warm weather (though a bit cooler today) and no bugs to chase us off our work site. Today, my dh surprised me and stayed worked from home on my first day of a week off to work outside. And in between his meetings and responsibilities, he helped me haul 900+ bricks from the pallets on the driveway to the patio site. We got at least 450 of them in place and I'm hoping tomorrow to do another 200ish, if the wind isn't too bad. My goal is to have all the bricks in place before Friday so we can lay down the polymeric sand, sweep it in all the cracks and then sprinkle the entire surface with our hose. The sand will set up like cement, keeping weeds and critters from coming up through the cracks. I can't wait for that moment, when it's all dry and we can stand back and feel good that another huge project, likely our largest, will be ticked off the list of landscaping tasks. Brick by brick, project by project, we're getting closer to being finished. So close!

In between our work today, we had lunch, then headed over to the community hall down the highway to vote in our municipal election. We just had a federal election about a month ago (called mid way through the term), so it felt weird to have 2 elections so close together. Once we were done our work this afternoon, I had a lovely, hot shower and dh made us a scrumptious salmon dinner. And now we're relaxing, watching "MAID" until the election results start to come in. Such an amazing series. I hope it continues on beyond this season's episodes. Andi McDowall and her adult daughter Margaret play mother/daughter and they are just perfect in their roles. I'll be sad if it's not a continuing series. 

It's half an hour until the polls close.
Time to settle in and watch the results!

~ Chy

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Debi said...

You've been busy! So nice that your husband took time off to help out.