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April 20, 2019

Vintage Bookstore.

A recent Sunday downtown to visit a bookstore
we haven't been to in years. A favorite spot to
explore and spend time in. When we lived in the
great Big City, we used to go often but don't now.

Sunny day and vintage entrance.
Long rows of books and treasures.

Everything in order but hard to find.
No computers to look up our finds.

Under a table towards the back
of the store. A sweet little space.

Kids areas downstairs. We spent
time looking for our grandkids.

Look at those railings. Can you imagine
how many hands have held on over the years?

Prayer flags gave a holistic feel. Dh
at the top of the stairs as we walked.

The outside with a vintage feel that
welcomes all who seek atmosphere.

~ Chy

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