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April 23, 2019

Sweet Little Guest Bedroom.

We've had a bit of laundry room plumbing
disaster, which our builder, the original
old plumber and our new plumber are all
trying to figure out. They are back today!

I won't give any details now as I'm fuming
and will put my energy in to other projects.

A project that is at least now 90% complete
 is our sweet and pretty little guest bedroom. 

It needs a dimmer switch on the light (our
electrician is coming next week), curtains
to complement the lace curtains, crown
moulding (our Fall project) and a couple
more pictures to add to the walls. I found
an amazing oval vintage print last week.

Here is the wall that needs a few more
pictures to round it out and make it full.

More books have gone in to the little house
bookcase since I took this picture yesterday.

Extra curtains and a box to hide the fittings
to hang the curtains up on. I envision a small
print, Laura Ashley style, flowing in the
wind when the windows are open. Pretty!

Do you have a sweet little guest bedroom?
Does it get used often or is just always ready?

~ Chy


happyone said...

What a delightful guest room.
No quest room at our house. We have two bedrooms and use one as our office.

Granny Marigold said...

Sorry about the plumbing woes. I hope that gets fixed quickly.

Your little guest room is adorable. We used to have one, then our teenage grand moved in with us. Then later we rearranged the whole house and no more guest room.