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August 7, 2016

Container Combos.

 Landscaping here at the Little House in
the Big Woods is a slow moving project.
We have paths now and dirt but grass and
perennials, bushes and our veggie patch
are still dreams. More dirt has to come,
and then the planting can begin. Exciting!

We do have some pots on our veranda and
yesterday, I bought a few petunias to add in.

I found this great article in a magazine from
the library and took pictures so I can remember
how to mix different flowers together to create
these sweet container combos. Doesn't look too hard.

My favorite is the 4th on. I didn't take a picture
of the 2nd one as the flowers weren't my style.
I will never do something just because an article
tells me to do it. I still have to have my own
take on any project to make it ours. But its
good to have a basic idea to work towards.

How's your garden in August?
Containers or beds or both?

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