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August 27, 2016

The August Break #23: My Face.

I was reading through some of the posts for the
August Break challenge for "My Face" and saw
many posts that talked about the unhappiness that
some of us have with our face. I will say that I'm
not totally in favor of mine but I don't dislike it
either. I often get complicated on my skin and
my high cheek bones. A question I get asked often: 
"Do you have any Native Indian in you?" Ha!

This is a picture of myself, my auntie, my cousin
and her son. They had flown to a funeral a province
away from us and their flight on the way back had
a 3 hour layover. So I packed up my two girls and
stopped in the big city to pick up my mom and we
all headed out to the airport to meet them for a
quick but yummy lunch. We had a great time,
catching up, sharing stories and laughing. My
cousin shared her own experience of what it was
like when my auntie was diagnosed with Dementia
and how she now copes as a daily caregiver. This
is our new path as my mom was just diagnosed in
May of this year and it's quite a challenge. My
face in this shot looks skinny as I've not been
eating very well and this was the day before I
really started not feeling all that great. I can tell
my eyes are not as bright and I'm not as colorful.
It was a good day and I'm so glad we got to visit.

Here's my mom and my auntie. It was nice to
see them share some memories too. I'm not sure
they both understand their diagnosis' but for a
short time, it was comforting to see them so happy.

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